It’s well said by Jim Collins that great vision without great people is irrelevant. Vision is what makes you unique from others. Often these visions lead to a revolution that we encounter every day, which is inspiring for many. Puneet Khurana is one such inspiring HR leader who is experienced, determined and passionate towards his work.
It was summed up by Amir Khan in one of his movies that one should acquire skills and master it then success will run after you automatically.  Such motivational words are at the core of Mr. Khurana’s belief. He truly believes that one should go for perfection, whatever you want to do in life just be master in it and then everything will fall in place – said Khurana, in an HR conclave conducted by Amar Ujala.
Mr. Khurana has achieved milestones at a very early age. He was awarded as Top 50 Most Influential HR leaders in India by National HRD Congress, CHRO Asia.
Even with broad experience in HR Strategy, Change Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Branding, Campus Hiring, Onboarding, Employee Engagement and HR Business Partnering, he accepts that learning can happen at any age and with great zeal, he continues to find ways to revolutionize HR.
That’s exactly where he got hooked with the new generation software HireXp. HireXp with it’s revolutionizing features of hiring aims to make the life of a recruiter easier. It aspires to change the way recruitment is done, the process has been quite hefty and time-consuming. So it’s time to change
khurana mentioned that they had been facing challenges in recruitment like getting data from multiple sources, scheduling interview of the candidates which has been solved overnight by hirexp’s recruitment software. The recruitment is followed with ease now and #hirexp has become a one-stop shop for all their recruitment needs. It’s easy to track what all activities are done by the hiring team and apart from all these, Puneet’s favourite feature of hirexp is productivity reports. He says that it’s imperative to know the performance of the hiring team, to know where they’re lacking and who needs more training. This is what an organization needs, to become productive overall, which policy bazaar is experiencing after using #hirexp.
Last but not the least amazing services are what a customer seeks for and according to Puneet that’s where hirexp stands out.