According to Google’s analytics report 2018 on hiring techniques, interview processes are monotonous and vague. The questions asked by the interviewer are often the ones that are already there in the application form. Nothing new about the candidate is learned during the interview.
Well! It’s time for a change. As we are encountering numerous changes around us with technological processes evolving the systems each day we need to evolve our hiring techniques in finding the right person for the role accordingly.
In this article, we have gathered five creative ways to assess top talent for your organization:-
1. Explain yourself creatively
Have an activity round to understand the different perspective of candidates. Ask them innovative questions instead of most common and obvious ‘introduce yourself’. Understanding them from their perspective would let you know more about them. Their ability to do this shows creativity and an ability to communicate succinctly.
2. Scorecard and audio evaluation
In hireXP’s recruitment software you can give scorecards for each round to evaluate the candidates. It allows you to share your feedback, saves it in the assessment form of the candidate for your fellow recruiters to view it.
You can also give audio evaluations that help you to record the feedback. Also, it allows you to record the conversation between you and the candidate at every stage.
This is entirely a new concept introduced in any recruitment software.
3. Give hypothetical situations
Case studies are widely used in management consulting, as they are to reveal the way a candidate thinks and approaches problem-solving. By doing this you’ll discover how far they can think in stressful situations and do they have an ability to think out of the box.
4. Observe candidate behavior outside the interview room
Determine if they’ll be a positive addition to the team? Use background verifications to figure out if the candidate has shared authentic information or not.
5. Critical thinking and abstract questions
The ability to use the presence of mind and the way the candidate answers the abstract questions would reflect their way of thinking. But these off-the-wall critical thinking questions should only be asked if you’re attempting to uncover certain personality traits that will translate to success in the role.
Finding a candidate who is particularly passionate about your line of work can be a game changer for your organization.
So keep on trying and inventing innovative ways to assess candidates so that it can bring out interesting responses as a good surprise to you.