A career page is a very essential part of a company’s website which drives potential candidates to apply for the jobs posted there. For companies – It is their personal pitch to candidates. It’s a place to communicate to job seekers, why a company is attractive, and make it easy for them to apply for roles respectively.
This article tells you what are the essentials of a career page and how can you make it more attractive and relevant.
Displaying jobs prominently:
Job listings are the main players of your careers page. Help candidates discover them with a minimum number of clicks. If possible, display jobs and job filters (e.g. by location or department) on the front page of your career page design
Hassle-free application:
Most candidates quit a lengthy or complicated application process. When candidates click “Apply,” they don’t want to answer series of questions asking for information that can be found on their resumes. Aim for a quick, streamlined application design over a complicated one. Ask candidates to upload their resumes and cover letters, and answer only a couple of qualifying questions.
Highlight your culture:
Culture is what attracts a candidate the most to apply to a particular company. Candidates want to learn about a company’s culture before they consider applying for roles. Your careers page is a good place to showcase your culture and mission and offer insights into what kind of employees you’re looking for. Graphics, videos, and slogans can help you communicate your message.
Make sure it’s mobile-optimized:
A mobile-friendly careers site is a must to attract candidates and can prevent them from bouncing.
Offer job seekers inside information:
Job seekers want to find out whether your company is worth applying to. That’s why they visit sites like Glassdoor or your LinkedIn company page: to get behind-the-scenes information about your business. Personalize your careers page by featuring team members’ opinions. Ideally, your career site should feature a few high-quality videos, as well. You can feature employees working, employees enjoying company outings together, or employees talking about their jobs and why they love working at your company. Videos are the best way to give potential candidates an insight of your company culture.
Easy to Navigate:
Career site should also make it easy for a potential candidate to take action, once she/he finds an appropriate job opening. Your site should make it extremely easy to inquire about jobs, easily search and find the individual to contact and submit such requests digitally. Make sure, that your career site is uncluttered so that potential candidates can explore the site and easily return to relevant content.
So if a recruiter is looking to pool a talent through a careers page they should look after all these crucial details to put up on their careers page. hireXP’s new age recruitment software has an essential feature of designing an attractive career page for the company’s website that can help the recruiters to attract the top talent to apply on their career page.
With the help of this software, companies can customize and design their career page the way they want. All the essentials that are required in career’s page can be successfully provided by hireXP. Example, you can put up images and videos to give more information about the company and it’s offering to attract the right candidates to apply as incomplete information would lead to irrelevant applications and also losing right talent.
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