How painful it is for a recruiter to send bulk emails. Hitting clicks after clicks, framing mails and sending it to different candidates. Everyday recruiters have to engage themselves in finding potential candidates on job portals, social media sites, in addition to this, have to reach out to them via mass mailing.
It seems all so easy. Put in a search criterion, draft your email, and send to all. But it isn’t that easy at all. Imagine finding candidates for the same job and then framing a mail for them to be sent. So next you’ll be putting their email ids individually and then would hit send finally. Phew!!!
It gets very monotonous to hit clicks after clicks when the same can be done with just a single click. Yes, you heard it right you can send bulk emails to your potential candidates without framing the emails over and over again.
Experience all-new way to send bulk emails through hireXP – the new generation recruitment software, designed and developed particularly to reduce and eliminate pain areas of recruiters.
In this article, we have highlighted how hireXP streamlines this entire process for recruiters.
Send bulk emails by selecting all candidates at once
So through the hireXP panel, there is an option to select all candidates at once with a just single click. Then navigate to mail and send it all at once. This mail can be drafted by you in your account settings prior also or you can draft and send a new email to them each time.
Use filters
Say you need to send emails to candidates in a particular department, it is easy to select that department under department filter and send the mail to all the candidates at once. Moreover, you can use a filter for a particular job role in that department. It will further narrow down the process for you.
Other filters apart from department is current stage(applied, in process, offered, hired), source wise(agency, LinkedIn, Facebook, internal, referred, twitter etc), stage went through(New, shortlisted, in process, ready to hire, offered), location of job, date wise and overall rating.
A recruiter can use all these features according to their preference and hence making the task of sending bulk emails easier and creative too.
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