Why am I not able to get the right candidate? How can I attract the top talent for the jobs I’ve created? Why am I getting a negative feedback?
Surely these are some of the statements a lot of us have had heard from recruiters, the problems they face in their everyday life. Since the technology is evolving continuously, the recruitment ecosystem has also changed drastically over the last few years. The traditional paper resumes are slowly being replaced by digital applications and all recruiters are working towards automating their recruitment process.
 Below are few of the challenges faced by recruiters:
1. Candidates considering multiple offers
It is quite likely that a candidate you are interviewing might already have a job offer from other companies. This is a huge problem faced by a recruiter as they are investing a lot of time and money to shortlist candidates. To avoid this situation, make your interview process a great experience for them. Know what are they interested in and highlight your company’s services to match their interest. you should indulge in a healthy conversation with them instead of focusing only on their resumes.
2. Choosing a right platform
Attracting the top talent for your job openings would be possible if the jobs are posted on the right platform. The biggest obstacle for recruiters is connecting with candidates. To be different from your competitors choosing a right platform is imperative for recruiters. These days candidates search for jobs mostly on the social media platforms and through referral programmes.
3. Lengthy Application forms
Bad or broken experiences of candidates during interview creates a negative image of the company. These candidates would never seek employment in such companies again, moreover,  it will lead to negative word of mouth. 3 out of 5 prospective candidates said that job applications were too lengthy and very time-consuming. Many of them left without completing the application.
This resulted in companies losing its prospective talented candidates. It is important for companies to give candidates a feedback on the interview. Also, asking candidates for feedback on their experience with the entire process helps in employer branding. It would also help to know loopholes in your current process.
4. Rising cost of recruitment: 
Advertising cost, the time taken by recruiters in filtering resumes, interviewing and conducting background checks, agency commission etc, are showing an upward trend. According to experts, candidates may end up costing companies approximately twice the monthly compensation. How would you know the agency you have hired is doing what exactly you want? Can they attract the right talent?
Is there a way to deal with these challenges? There are millions of candidates actively seeking new roles; are your listings visible to them without any extra effort? Is your system capable of filtering the right ones seamlessly to make your job easier?
Technology can be the answer. hireXP’s recruitment software connects recruiters to the candidates effortlessly and provides a single eye view of the entire process. We believe that recruitment is not a one-day event – it is a journey. Start the journey with hireXP.
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