Organization’s recruiting regiment bears the responsibility to get the best talent for the company. They spend a lot of time in creating job descriptions, posting them on various job boards and social media platforms with the intent to gain visibility in the market.
All these efforts can easily go to waste if the organization is not equipped to handle the incoming flow of applicants.
A promising Applicant Tracking System can boost a company’s recruitment effectiveness by streamlining the entire recruitment process right from job requisitions to sourcing the candidates to social engagement streamlining the entire hiring workflow into one integrated platform.
According to Gartner’s report, 82 Percent of Applicant Tracking System Buyers Prefer the Cloud.
In this article, we have highlighted 10 features of hireXP that makes it promising recruitment software:-
1. Streamlined Communication
One of the key advantages of using our next-gen collaborative recruitment system is that it allows the entire recruitment team to work collaboratively on the platform. All stakeholders in the recruitment process are given access to view what is happening in the recruitment cycle. It also gives the interviewers options to engage in conversations with candidates and all of this gets captured within the system.
2. Candidate Experience and employer Branding
A company is likely to end up with several lost candidates in case the candidate’s interview process is not smooth. Few drivers of a bad candidate experience are unnecessary steps to create a candidate profile, inadequate information regarding the process, interview delays, candidates not updated timely etc.
HireXP help companies design voice solution to capture candidate experience in real time with our innovative cloud telephony platform linked with recruitment software to give timely feedback and engage them throughout the hiring process. Candidates can check the status of their application by giving a missed call on one toll-free number.
3. Social Media Recruiting
The top talent that you are looking for to fill your open positions is mostly hanging out on social platforms for networking, work, and various other reasons. Hence, new-gen recruiting is incomplete and ineffective if it does not leverage social media and the power of social networks.
hireXp makes it really easy for you and your entire organization to share jobs on social media and then track the success rate.
4. Employee Referrals
Best-in-class companies understand that creating and managing an employee referral program is critical for sourcing some of the best individuals. In fact, employee referrals are one of the most effective sources through which companies hire top-quality talent. hireXP makes the employee referral process more engaging, transparent, and impactful.
hireXP has designed a unique voice feature where employees can record a message for the hiring manager, for every referral hireXP captures the background information. You can even track your referral status through it. Pay close attention to how the referral capability will allow you and your colleagues to easily share referral information through the system with minimum friction.
5. Quick and Accurate Candidate Search
A great part of getting your recruiting activity organized is to be able to manage your candidate funnel with the ability to quickly and easily search, screen and filter through the large numbers of incoming applications that your company receives which is managed under talent pool of our software. Our recruitment software comes with advanced ATS features.
6. Ease of Integration
hireXP has open API’s available which helps in seamless integration with a company’s HRIS & HRMS systems.
7. Increased Task and Workflow Automation
Companies want the ability to minimize friction in the hiring process. They want a system that helps them keep things on track and moving forward. hireXP can help in removing unnecessary delays and obstacles from the recruitment workflow with the use of reminders and notifications to keep things moving forward based on deadlines and company objectives.
8. Transfer of Data
Many organizations receive applicant information from multiple sources and soon this information gets piled up in mailboxes, making it difficult to track. hireXP helps you to consolidate all incoming candidate information into one recruitment platform.
9. Quality of hire
A good applicant tracking system not only makes it easier for all stakeholders to store, organize, and access critical information at any time, but also offers insights into candidate qualities that your company is seeking.
Therefore making an incorrect decision when choosing your ATS is likely to have an adverse impact on your company’s hiring success.